Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J。K。Rowling。The books chronicle the adventures of the eponymous adolescent wizard Harry Potter,together with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger,his best friends。The central story arc concerns Harry's struggle against the evil wizard Lord Voldemort,who killed Harry's parents in his quest to conquer the wizarding world,after which he seeks to subjugate the Muggle (non-magical) world to his rule。



Born in a slum in the United States, Liz of " Wind and Rain Harvard Road" has suffered from family problems since she was a child。 Her parents drank and used drugs and her mother suffered from schizophrenia。The poor Liz needs to go out and beg, wandering in the corners of the city, and the misery of life seems endless。

As she grew up slowly, Liz knew that onlyby studying and being talented can she change her fate andget out of the quagmire。 She won a test paper fromher teacher, finished it beautifully, and wonthe chance to study。 From now on, Liz has embarked on a long journey to study。 She did everything she could to apply for a full scholarship to Harvard and did not evenhave a decent dress for the interview。 However, poverty does not stop Liz's determination to move forward。 In her life, the struggle that never flinches is an eternal theme。





"Butterfly Effect" Ivan once had a bad childhood, because his behavior caused a great disaster and made his childhood full of memories。 In fact, he did only vaguely remember some terrible scenes, which have been pestering his normal life。 Ivan accepted the psychologist's suggestion and wrote down his trivial life in his notebook, only to find that he returned to the past through his notebook。


Then he remembered clearly that he had done so many wrong things in his childhood。 He fantasized about using his present consciousness to infiltrate into his childhood to make up for the harm caused by various mistakes, especially hoping to finally walk back together with Kathy, who had a crush on him。 However, his changes across time and space can only lead to more and more irremediable changes in the real world。 Everything is like a butterfly effect, pulling one hair and moving the whole body。




The King's Speech is based on real historical events。 King George VI of England suffered from severe stuttering from childhood。 Finally, under the treatment of Leonard, he finally overcame his speech and delivered an inspiring speech。


This is a story of a great man who succeeded through hard work, but it resonates with many little people who have seen the film, and many humorous lines make students laugh all the time。 As a motivational film, it is not as inspiring as we expected and does not have too much hard work to inspire people to forge ahead, but we have seen many expressions of friendship and friendship in the film, and the most realistic portrayal of the inner world of the characters and the most vivid description of the changes in the spiritual process。People oriented and human oriented are the key to the success of The King's Speech。




Inside Out does a great job illustrating plicated mental processes。Itguides viewers through Riley’s dreams, her subconscious, her imagination and the mechanics offorgetting。 But beneath its traditional adventurebased storyline, its philosophy speaks to adults alike。


The"Secret Service"film tells the story of the little girl Riley who moved to San Francisco because of her father's job change。 Her life is controlled by these five emotions。


Riley’s story gives us an answer。 Human beings can be both strong and vulnerable。 No twoindividuals are identical, and no one is as straightforward as a math equation。




When I was a freshman in college I watched the film Gua Sha Treatment for the first time, now I am a junior student and I e back to review the movie from a multicultural aspect, I have many different feelings after watching the film again。

At the beginning of the film, XuDatong is given an award and later he delivers a speech。 What makes me impressed most is in his speech he says “one day I will bee one of you, a truly successful American, today this award proved that America is a true land of opportunity and I am the living proof of that。” At that moment Xu thinks he has realized his American Dream totally with his lovingly wife and adorable son。 However, I think it is ironical that to make a speech like that and I assume it is made on purpose to hind a clue for the story’s development。 How many non-American people have such a beautiful American dream? One of my classmate studies in American now and before he went aboard he told me his American dream is he can stand at the top of the New York。 To be honest, I also dream that one day I can get the Green Card living there happily and successfully maybe working at the Wall Street。 When Xu gets the award he thinks he entirely melted in the melting pot neglecting the multicultural obs

truct, later the plot goes against the way he thinks。 And later Quinlan asked Xu ‘why you be the scapegoat of your father?’ Xu answers ‘because he is Chinese。’ Then maybe Xu knows that there is always a wide gap between Chinese and American cultures。

The second scene is Xu hit his son Denis because Denis hit the son of xu’s boss, at the middle of the film xu tells his boss that he hit his own son is only to show his respect to his boss John Quinlan, that time Quinlan feels puzzled “what a Chinese logic”, yes, American can never understand such a logic full of Chinese characteristic, because they respect everyone including the children, they won’t beat a child to please the boss, and there is no such a conception of degree between employee and employer, they feel everyone is equal, which is quite different from china。

Connected to the second scene, the third difference I want to analyze is the care for the children。 In America, people pay more attention to the right of children which can be seen from the law—leaving children alone at home is illegal, while in China it is so mon that almost everyone may experience such loneliness。 And Children Welfare Agency does work in America which shows the importance Americans attach to children’s right。 What’s more, I remember a line ‘No one won the case, especially the child。’ In my opinion, it also manifests the universal concern from the American public to the children。

The fourth aspect is following the procedure, in the film, more than there times, the people focus on the rule, the law, the procedure。 At the Christmas Eve Xu wants to return back to his home pretending as a Santa Claus, what a pity, the security recognizes him and persuades ‘you are always a good tenement, never causes troubles for me。’ And another scene is at the end of the film , the judge says ‘I have to follow the procedure。’ However, in China people always have to ask for a favor to do something, and later you have to pay back the favor ,for myself, I prefer the American style, strict to the procedure。

The fifth and the last point is the humors, Quinlan says ‘you can’t fall, your health security is the pany paid。’ ‘Datong, wele home, maybe next time, you can e from the front door。’ ‘dady, why you e from the window’ ‘ because we don’t have a chimney。’ I really adore this distinguished American humor, especially in dangerous situations, which is quite rare in China。

That’s my whole reaction to Gua Sha Treatment。



Princess Diary, a 15 – year – old high school student, lives in the United States with her mother, but she is not confident enough and is often laughed at by her classmates。 On her 16th birthday, when she met her grandmother, she found out that this elegant lady is the queen of the small European country of Genovia, and Mia is the princess of this country。 At first Mia was very reluctant, but Mia's attitude easedwith her mother's mediation。 In order to succeed to the throne smoothly, the queen had to make a series of changes to her granddaughter, which troubled Mia, who usually lives in an informal way, and even clashed with her good friends。 Mia's identity was revealed by a good classmate, and she was immediately highly watched by the media。 Everything that happened suddenly made Mia want to escape everything。 Fortunately, she regained her confidence in her father's diary。 Mia became a princess and found the love she wanted。





What would it feel if I can wake up everyday forgetting what happened for the last whole year?

Lucy in the movie “50 First Dates” told me this feeling。 Every morning when she woke up, she only rememberred the Sunday of last year which was her father’s birthday, also the date she had the car accident which made her only keep memory before Sunday, so she always felt happy living the same habit as what she did on Sunday a year ago with the kind set-up by her father and brother。 After meeting Henry, she could only remember who he was on the same day。 But after one night, he became a stranger to her。 She couldn’t even recognize he was the one she used to date and love everyday。 Henry tried his best to give her a new different meeting every day so as to win her smile and regain their “First Date”。 Henry made her tapes every morning to help her remember what happened the day before and the last whole year。 Lucy thus felt grateful with all she had when she woke up everyday。 On the same day, she always had the same deep gratitude to face Henry with her sweet smile。

What a beautiful feeling it is to always feel thanksgiving and to always appreciate each other’s effort。 A touching story between a memory lost woman and a devoted man taught all of us, normal people, the essence of love。 When two people can thank each other for their devotion everyday like what they did for each other on first date, love can forever be refreshed and energetic。 On Lucy’s side, people with memory will ask for more than yesterday and bee critical of their partners day by day, while people without memory will feel grateful for their life and the people around them everyday。

In the movie, when one day Lucy decided to break up with Henry to let him rebuild his life by burning all their diaries and tapes, I cried for Henry’s broken heart。 For her, it was just one day feeling。 For him, it was long-term affection and connection。 It was easier for her than him to give up their love。 On Henry’s side, people with memory will always remember the past happiness and treasure it for the rest of their life, while people without memory will easily give up at the end of the same day。

What a ruthless feeling it is to end a relationship just after one minute thought。 People with fragile mind would easily ruin a long-term relationship no matter what reason they have。 The torture between Lucy and Henry tells us the fatal factor to do harm to intimacy between a couple is their fragile mind of balancing emotion and reason。 Thus most of couple lose their trust for each other after experiencing this weakly testing broke-up。



Avatar is directed by James Cameron。The two main characters are Jake Sully,played by Sam Worthington,and Neytiri,played by Zoe Saldana。

Clones named Avatars are sent to Pandora Planet to persuade people there to leave the planet so that human beings can exploit a rare mineral。Jake is sent there to control his Avatar。However,he es across Neytiri and they fall in love with each other。Jake begins to see that nature and the planet should be liuxue86 protected。At last he and the people there work together to defeat human beings and send them back to the earth。

3D technology and the beautiful natural scenery are the two highlights of the film。The message of the film is simple — human beings should protect nature and live in harmony with it。



Forrest Gump who is unfortunately to be born with a lower IQ and the muscle problem, usually, people always think this kind of person can't be successful in doing anything。 But, instead, this unlucky man has achieved lots of incredible success, he is a football star, a war hero, and later a millionaire!

In the contention of the best picture of the 67th Oscar Award in 1995, film <Forrest Gump> Have got six Grand Prixes , such as the best picture , the best actor , the best achievement in directing , adapting drama , the best achievement in film editing and the best visual effect bestly ,etc。 at one blow 。 The film was passed to a intellectual disturbance person the description of life has reflected every aspect of U。S。A。's life, important incident of social political life make and represent to these decades such as U。S。A。 from one unique angle。 Film adapt Winston · novel of the same name of Groom since。 Only the original work is that one is full of fantastic novels with a satiric flavour, but the film modifies and beautifies the story。 Have abandoned the absurdity of the original work and revealed that satirizes meaning , have added a kind of tender feeling for the film。 This undoubtedly makes the film suit audience and judging panel's taste even more, but has sacrificed the struggle s

pirit of the rebel of the original work , make the film bee one kind and idealize ethical symbol 。

Forrest Gump mould incarnation of virtue is honest keeping one's word , conscientiously , brave paying attention to emotioning among film。 In the film, Forrest Gump is a very pure image, but Jenny has bee the degenerate symbol 。 And write the great discrepancy originally in this。 To all that narrated, since beginning all behave with a kind of tender feeling and well-meaning attitude after all for the film, having even joined poesy position, this makes the film seem soft and have no injury。 The film advocates to traditional moral concept and embodiment。 Make film apt to accept by people, director superb lay out skill and film application of language make the film very attractive too。 Success with mercial for film content of the film has given security, and the treatment on director's art makes the film more excellent, this is reason that the film succeeds。 It was the box-office hits the most in that year to bee U。S。A。 in < Forrest Gump>。

Tom · Hanks very much sincere naturally performance having among film。 He has obtained the laurel of the best actor of Oscar for the behavior in this film。 This second movie emperor's money already whom he obtained in succession looks like。 Success of < Forrest Gump>, make Tom Hanks bee one of the most popular movie stars in Hollywood too。 To Tom Hanks, those two years are the luckiest period of time in his performing art careers 。



Gongfu panda is a lazy panda, he worked in a samll shop ,one day he went to a temple to take part in a choose of the dragon contender , unexpectedly the lazy panda was choosen as the dragon contender, at first everybody doesn’t like the panda ,because he is very lazy ,a few days later the mob master die ,the panda study at the palm civet master 。The panda is dragon contender!at first he doesn’t like to study anything of the Gongfu, the palm civet master had no way to do with him 。

A few days later palm civet master discover the panda only like one thing ——-eating, the panda was very very like eating 。 for eating he can do anything, he can break xylograph and then palm civet master using eating to induce the panda study gongfu 。Finally the panda became a gongfu master and then he beated depravity white leopard and be the best of the gongfu master and be the first of the gongfe。

Watch the <gongfu panda> I thought everybody can be the first as long as make great efforts

The movie Kung Fu Panda looks like a kung-fu novel, in accordance with Chinese-style plot development。 It is mainly about a fat panda's dream to bee a master of kung fu, and a coincidental let that dream bee a reality。 Of course, Po (the panda) has gone through a series of twists and turns before reaching success。

Impressed me most is a series of Chinese elements in the film, from the name we can know it is the film for Chinese – kung fu and panda。 It is not just kung fu and panda。 There are other Chinese elements in it。 Such as the Chinese mandarin, the Chinese house, acupuncture, erhu, calligraphy and so on。

Of course, that it can bee North America's box office leader and could attract foreigners are not only those causes。 In this film, everywhere is full of philosophical dialogues。 The turtle said "There are no accidents。" Po's father, described in the mysterious soup, said "To make something special, you just have to believe it's special。" That I like the most is "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift。 That is why it's called the present。" It tells us to make good use of today。

2008 is a Chinese year, Kung Fu Panda also allow international friends to learn more about Chinese culture and connotation。



he story is about a young princess (公主) (Hepburn) named Ann, making a goodwill (善意的) tour of Europe's capitals。 She is tired of the responsibility (职责) and demands of the role she has been born in to and longs to experience the every day pleasures of an ordinary person。 In Rome she finally rebels。 Waiting until after everyone in the embassy (大使馆) where her party is staying has gone to sleep, she slips out a window and finds herself alone on the streets of Rome。

She is found by Joe Bradley (Peck), a hardened (坚毅的) and somewhat cynical (愤世嫉俗的) reporter, on his way home from a late night card game。 Not knowing who she is but seeing that she has no place to stay he takes pity on her and invites her to his apartment for the night。 In a ical (滑稽的) scene, he offers her a pair of his pajamas (睡衣) and points to the couch where she can sleep。 Innocent (天真的) aristocrat (贵族) that she is, she asks for a nightgown and help undressing。 Bradley helps her take off her tie and then leaves the room。 When he returns a few minutes later he discovers her sound asleep on the bed, leaving him the couch (沙发)。

Leaving her sleeping the next morning, Bradley shows up late for work and tries to cover himself by saying that he had an interview (采访) with the princess。 But his editor shows him a newspaper with her picture and headline stating that she was taken ill the night before and canceled all appointments (安排) for the day。 Bradley immediately realizes who he has in his apartment and gets the editor to agree to pay $5,000 if he can get a real interview with the princess。 On the way out Bradley contacts a photographer (摄影师) friend, Irving Radovich (Albert) and arranges for him to met him later with his camera for a big scoop。

Returning to his apartment, Bradley picks up the princess for their planned tour of the city。 Bradley's real aim is to get the pictures and story he promised (答应) his editor。 But the innocent charm of the princess softens him and the two start to fall in love。 They end up having a good time and some ical adventures (冒险)。 Bradley conceals the fact that he is a reporter who knows who she really is and she doesn't tell him that that she is a royal princess。 But in the end the truth es out and the princess realizes that her duty to her country and family e first and she reluctantly (不情愿地) returns to her official role。

The two meet briefly at the end during her press conference with other reporters。 She addresses Bradley as Mr。 Bradley just like the others。 As he is leaving, Bradley, quietly slips her the photos that his friend Irving had taken and lets her know that his story and pictures of their time together will never be published (公布)。

The charming Audrey Hepburn plays a modern princess who takes a day on Rome。 She meets up with reporter Peck and wise-cracking photographer Albert。 Peck and Hepburn fall in love, though Peck plans to sell an "exclusive story with the princess。" Roman Holiday is a fun romantic edy, but stays realistic (现实) with its mentary on society and royalty。



People always thought that probably as a human on the planet Earth is the most senior animal owners who dominate nature。 Can be wanton destruction of the earth, nature mutilations。 Also for the immediate interests of the greedy nature and the blood drained 、 the nature of the skin stripped 、 nature of the meat-eating。 With the thought this will be what kind of consequences。 Also claimed ignorance 、 elated to conquer nature。 Sing really ridiculous。 If another Ice Age in front of us, the humanity will be caught unprepared? Human nature can conquer? No, summer 2004 opening large – 《acquired》 given us a loud and affirmative answer to the question。 This terrible disaster films told us an irrefutable truth – always dominate the natural person。

"Acquired" the film depicts the United States as a representative of the Earth within one day suddenly nose-dive into glacial science fiction stories。 In the story, climate scientists Jack。 Hall observed in the study pointed out that prehistoric climate, the greenhouse effect brought about by global warming could trigger an unprecedented global catastrophe。 Mainly refer to the destruction of the beautiful human nature, but by the serious nature of the punishment。 Lightning 、 、 hail storm 、 tornado 、 hurricane 、 、 floods caused by global warming, such as the melting of Antarctic ice disaster befall humans, before human consciousness to know repentance may have been too late。 In an instant because of the disaster emerged, floods, in the eyes; hail, in the eyes; all in the eyes of force majeure。 Entry into the Earth's greenhouse effect will glaciation。 Tornado 、 earthquake tsunami 、…… So you ask that the name will bee a natural part of human life。 In the film, you can see New York City

inundated lens: the confusion of the crowd the air vehicle broken glass, followed by the floor, as high waves… you can see in the seaside holiday resort in Hawaii hit by the hurricane scene。 This is the destruction of the natural consequences, and this is the punishment of mankind。 For thousands of years, continually engulfed in the natural human body, should now enjoy nature of the pernicious consequences of brewing。



The Olympic Games, which originated in ancient Greece, is the most distinguished sporting event in the world。 Once every four years, the utmost athletes from all around are lured to gather together and spare no efforts to pete against each other and try to win a medal for the country that they represent。 Frankly speaking, that was virtually all I knew about the world-famous Olympic Games before I had read a book entitled The Olympics published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press。 However, I found even more philosophy beyond just winning medals from reading the book, which was beyond my imagination and considerably inspiring。

Someone once said, “Were everybody on earth involved in some kind of sport, our world would be free of war for long。” Starting from three thousand years ago, the ancient Olympic Games has long been an event not only for petition but also for peace。 In ancient times, no war was allowed between the cities during the Games, which was rather surprising to me since I could hardly imagine warriors actally putting down their weapons and give a break for peace。 The precious tradition of peace continued: I would never fail to recall the scene of the opening ceremonies when North and South Korean athletes entering the stadium with their hands held together。 The two neighboring countries that used to be enemies are no longer enemies during the Games。 Instead they became friends。 Speaking of the XX Athens Olympics, perhaps most people would have the same opinion that the most noable part of the opening ceremony arrived when Iraqi and Afghan representatives showed up。 These two unfortunate nations, the peo

ple of which have undergone innumerable wars, are ing back again to take their own responsibility in world sports after recent invasions by America。 The fearless people of Iraq and Afghanistan are once more sharing the spirit of the Games with people from the rest of the world。

There is another story in this book that makes me deep in thoughts。 There is no doubt that the most unusual Olympic Games ever in history is the 1936 Olympics held in Germany, which was then ruled by the Nazi Party。 Led by Adolf Hitler, the Nazi believed that the so-called Aryan people were superior to all others in all aspects。 They looked down upon Jews and blacks, the latter of which was a major constitution of the United States Olympic team。 Despite the barrier that faced him, the African American Jesse Owens, who was a most outstanding runner and jumper, did all that he could and finally won gold medals for his country and went home a hero。 This reveals another fact that no power on earth is able to hinder the sacred Olympic Games。 For all participants, no matter what their gender, race, nationalities and backgrounds are, equality is distributed among every one who observes the Game’s rules。

At the XX Athens Olympics, our Chinese team did extraordinarily well。 We ranked second on the medal lists for the first time in history。 In my opinion, however, we should not only concentrate on the figure of medals; instead the strength and perseverance of those who failed to get any medals ought to be highly cherished。 Whether ever success or failure, whether ever cheer or tear, whether ever medal or not, the never-gave-up spirits of athletes are always motivating us。 I believe in the year 2008, the world will focus all their attention to Beijing, China, where the glory of the Games will continue to thrive forever!



When i first watch this movie,i find one great problem which is the real name to this movie。I get two name for movie 。One is The devil wear the PARADA,the other name is the queen wear the PARADA。these names have so many same place,but they have only one place diffierent whether is devil or queen。In my sight ,this perspective out a problem which relate to the values。Some people think the person who like Miranda Priestly version of a workaholic is the devil which can't be understand by normal citizen who have not ambitions and ideal。Those people don't have to work enthsiasm。In these eyes,enjoy life is the kingly way。No more easliy than the freedom of anythingof value。Maybe this is the true meaning of American。But by my side,i think this situation is not only in America but in whole world!NOTHING SEEK WITHOUT MOTIVE!

In this movie,we can see a good deal of famius brand,likeCalvin klein ,baburry,parada,etc。these name relate luxury which the more and more close to our people。You can easy find that so many students who are 17 to 23 start have some luxury like perfume,scarf,bag,wrist watch,ect。With the time going,we begin to take photo before we eatting,shoping,playing。SO luxury bee the most keep a watchful eye on it。This movie tell that whatever man or woman all like fashion。But when we face this attract thing,whether we can hold up our dream,our ambtion。This is a question about our life。Luxury ,of course,is wonderful thing。the one who has it all meaning have a Happiness and a sense of achievement。Whereas,if we can have lots of luxury by losing our love ,our friendship,our dream,our other thing。We must stop our step to think that Whether the world begins to be money to cover? If the world is beginning to be fashion express nose?Perhaps dazzle rich became a kind of fashion, and became a kind of

simple behind, the two are not moral conflict and bee their own evaluation is worthwhile replacement。This is the thinking of human nature, and the society to deep thinking。

This is the thinking of human nature, and the society to the contemplation of the "wear the Parada queen" in noble fashion decoration, removed or small woman go home later happiness, romantic trip to France, elegant romance, and the extremely successful woman behind the counsel and poignant, these sets and plot, may let the girl of this piece is unable to stop it。But men see it also will have a harvest, because it is a real workplace inspiring type。 Such as described in the film about Andy plaints。 In reality, we will also work to produce to plain, but plaining about before, to look at whether they know enough professional and environment, whether enough respect customer, partner ,petitors。

let's review this movie 。Somewhere is remain fresh in our memory。The frist one is "Ugly duckling bee a swan"。Here,NIGEL,who play a important role。Nigel likes a angle,because he give andy a new like。When andy have some promove,her boyfriend tension。Andy said"Same andy,better clothes",but the man said "I like the old clothes。" these words reflects a truth:Business and love can't and, what should choose what, and eventually give up? Miranda choose the business,so she have three broken marriage ,even can't protect the last one。WHY?I guess we can so easy find the answer:if you drop in your business,you must't have enough time and energy to keep your love fresh。Few quarrel is good,i hope think。At the same time,you drop in love,you can't have enough atention to do you work。It's fair,absolutely fair。So i find my next opinion,what life do you want and choose?

Miranda face in speed the car final test, Andy or by luxuriant step appearance, beating the fashion circle, to the queen, a figure to prove she want what life was like。 Andy fulfilled his words: "I don't want to work in order to change myself。"So what is you want?Maybe someone choose the lifestyle likes the new andy,who is Carrying brand bag, dressed in brand-name clothes, attend various senior party, with all sorts of dignitaries are ambiguous, and treacherous colleagues, the end still expect to be with your lover。However not all people see the bitterness of ups and light behind and the unknown pain, don't even say the order to cause the hard to forget the sacrifice。God is fair, he give you open a door, you must give up another window。If i choose,i have to say i would rather to bee the new andy。In my mind,if you can't bee valuable avive ,i couldn't face myself。Success is said easy,but how many people can know one of the difficult。I bevelive that i can stand it!

IN fact,this movie adapted from a book。it says:"Efficient munication with the barbarian's execution。 It is very important to target reaching。 Communicate to efficient to what degree? Superior don't have to explain, subordinates, need not too much ask a why can fix things。 Executive, to savage to what degree? See Andy from early favour to night, no breathing, even carry things run the street will call to deal with things, the answer is self-evident。We in many cases, to do things like always finish the task, finish。 It's this kind of the attitude of the excelsior, to want to do what others pick out of your trouble, do the best, even more than others think be perfect。 True, we want to try this to do some things, while his still young。 Don't be afraid to trouble, do not be afraid of tired, these little trouble and small hard are temporary。 If we can do one thing better than others, so then we would be less hard many, will also get more people of recognition。 And for us, this is a big

step in the perfect myself。"

I have to say one person "miranda"。I could use my word to express this woman ,however I translate passage:Miranda, in order to her fashion empire in the career, she became the devil, and bee the blind man…… Because she thought it was the only one she way of life。 Her own heart to happiness for price, bee poor devil, but think everybody in envy her, envy her life and career; And continue to sell the drug, smoke more people of happiness。 I also believe absolutely that such a blind man also many。I thinkit is the best annotation to this woman。In my heart,i respect she。I promiss ther is only people can over her!!!she can like the andy :Step back and back, again to choose the first feelings and he had nearly lost ideal。May she dream is here:THE QUEEN!!FOREVER QUEEN!

But seriously, the movie has some not real, I have reason to believe that the true to be like Andy such person is few。Extravagant life, a luxury and dissipation loring, the most memorable Paris hall, fashion, swept through everything。People cannot leave fashion, but people more from family, love and friendship。You will doubt why i made no mention of the intrigue。Because I don't want to let us college students too much on this aspect, and its entanglements and this, still be inferior to look on the bright side。I like a good result, more like the happy people around me in your flow performance。

Thanks for angle who let me have this wonderful movies。 If can provide more good movies, I would be grateful。With my best wish to everyone who read this article!!!!!

Good luck!!



My feeling after seeing

This is a ture story of a young man,Brad Cohen。He is a great orator,a great teacher and a great writer。For such a man,we think he is successful。For now it’s ture。but in his childhood,he is not successful。 This film is about his childhood。Brad Cohen is the held who was born with a disease called Tourette syndrome。At the beigning,The held’s father can’t put up with his bad diseases for he is just always making terrible noise wherever he is。When taking the classes the teacher telles him not to making the

noises,but he can’t help it。So everyone hate him except his mother。His mother always encourage him but it can’t help he escape the pain。Until one day his headmaster told everyone in his school realized the reason for his behavior。At this moment,Brad Cohen have a deram that everyone think he can’t success。This dream is he want to be a teacher。 When he gruated form a famous college。Find a job is a big challenge。Although this is difficule,he did it。He find a job and a girlfriend。 So this film tell us neer give up whatever matter yu have met,trease your life is the most important,your life will never fade if you keep on trying 。Life is like a box of chocolate,you will never know what you take next。



Yesterday, I went to see the movie that named Twilight。It is a very cool。 Stephanie Meyer that author writes four books,then filmed。The first book is Twilight。I am very glad to watch it。

From the movie I recognize love is no limited。Our life alway have different kinds of people ,but that is not a vampire。They includ the beatiful girls ,clever boys and kind-hearted all。At the same time Twilight also deliver dangerous and dark aroud us。

On the other hand ,the movie give me a good rest during my weekday。 As a whole we focus next movie attention on New Moon。Every one can love it in your heart。

I think you can do it by youself with a wet finger。 A za。gays。

I think the stars and supporting cast did a really great job。 Bella’s friends were engaging, funny and they played their roles very naturally。 Billy Burke was low key and excellecntly potrayed Bella’s father。 Kristen Stewart did a decent job, and I have to say that despite his severely sculpted eyebrows, I liked Rob Pattinson ’s portrayal of Edward Cullen。There were quite a few moments of unexpected humor in the film that I enjoyed。 Nothing huge just little things that were enough to actually make me laugh out loud (which some edies this year didn’t manage to make me do)。(fwsir。) However, for a non-fan, it was really a pretty bland film。 It seemed very slow-moving at times, and let’s face it ? it’s a pretty cheesy teen romance movie。 There wasn’t anything really special here other than the fact that it had vampires。

I think Edward really loves Bella, he is a vampire, but he can for his own love for his beloved vampire who control their own nature, like people, like the desire of human nature, really hard to e by, he can To make Bella happy to give her。 These I can do, the only difference is that I love is not on my side, do not tell me she loved me and waiting for me。 I like that part, Bella wants to bee a vampire, but Edward and so five years in decline, Bella said not that long, Edward said that three years, I envy them! I also love people so I hope she can wait for me for four years。 I am not opposed to Bella in Edward's time, can not afford them and find themselves to Jacob, so Jacob fell in love with her unable to extricate themselves。 Sometimes think she is really selfish, she has hurt the hearts of two people, some live up to Edward, Jacob hate to hurt her in front of the Edward kissed Jacob。 Although in reality a very bad man say, but men will prove just love a woman forever, but a woman

may love a few men。



贫民窟的百万富 Slumdog Millionaire

The story of Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is about to experience the biggest day of his life。 With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India's

A Millionaire?


What makes this story great? I must say that this is one of the most realistic movies I saw。 Watching it is just like hearing an orphan telling about his hardships and struggles on the streets。 The violence, the emotions, the realms of a third world country, and the beauty of love regardless of any situation was nicely presented on the movie。 It also showed the kind of life the slams of India has – the children, the women, and the heartless adults。 The nicest thing that I like about the movie is the light after dark part。 That something good is possible when you just don’t lose hope。 The innocent look and the sad eyes of Dev Patel are perfect for Jamal’s character。 Frieda Pinto is really pretty, just the perfect flower on the movie。 The rest of the characters are well-suited。 This movie’s characters must be the well selected Indian actors。

是什么让这个伟大的故事?我务必说,这是最现实的电影,我看到一。看它就像一个听证会告诉他的困难孤儿和街头的斗争。暴力,情感,一个第三世界国家的境界,爱的美丽,不论任何状况提出了很好的电影。它也证明了这种生活了印度大满贯 – 儿童,妇女,无情的成年人。的最好的东西,我喜欢的电影是在黑暗的一部分光。这是好东西时,你可能只是不失去期望。


The story expands into the lead actor’s life experience and how he e to know about the correct answers in the show。 Overall, I came out of the movie feeling it was nicely done。 The movie brings the audience into the actual daily realities of life in India and it depicts how one can chase love and in the course of it something good could happen and life without hope will change。


This is a story about one path leading to the final success is people's endurance and resolution,of

course, some certain good luck also count。


Let's give some further explanation about this path。 First of all, as an indispensible element resulting in success, endurance plays an important role in the course of people's life。Directly speaking, it's hard for people to get to his destination without it。As for the resolution,just like the hero performing in this movie, determines his final fate。 He has dream in his deepest heart, and he has the resolution to make it e true, eventually, by means of it, his dream has been realized。 Above these elements mentioned above, good luck is also important。Sometimes, it can help push things forward。



In all,we can not be of successful without our hard work。




I am honored today watched the United States, 3D cartoon animated film

The story is the old man Carl and his wife Eliza has always been thought of children in South America, waterfall wonderland adventure, resulting from the failure to move forward in life, Eliza's death, and Carl has been depressed forever because he thought at this age it is impossible to go sing。 Later, builders want to demolish his own house, old people are very angry, sad, and he whim, with tens of thousands of balloons tied to the house, the cottage is really uprooted overfly, and mistakenly entered his house with a stupid Russell flew with the boy in South America。 Journey, they funny bird, simple and honest and courageous dog overe difficulties together with round after round, after untold hardships, taking advantage of their wisdom to defeat the ferocious vicious Symonds, the little boy Russell has also been a result

The film, there are old-fei Xia, children dream, a decisive battle between good and evil, obstacles and difficulties, the whole process of whimsy, thrilling, enjoyable, funny funny to see, after guffawing, shouting quickly, really Very good read!!

Movies, not just give us joy, more are touched by the story inside us understand a truth: Only those who are strong beliefs, are likely to succeed



This film tells us a story about how a mon panda bees a real dragon warrior。 这个电影为我们讲述了一个平凡的熊猫怎样成为一个真正的龙武士的。

At the beginning,the Master Shifu did not believe that the panda can be a courageous dragon warrior。


Through the panda's persistence,he win Master Shifu's acceptance。 透过熊猫坚持不懈的努力,他赢得了师傅的认可。

Master Shifu tries his best to train the panda into a real warrior according to Master Wugu's instruction。


Finally,the panda succeeded in beating their biggest enemy —–the tiger。 最终,熊猫成功的打败了他们的最大的敌人—-虎。

This movie tells us that:every difficulty can be overe as long as you tried your utmost persistently。








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